WDS 01398-5612 DUN 5 - P ERI : NOTES
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DUN 5 Some measures have been corrected by Andrew James (personal
correspondance). Note that this is p Eri, not rho Eri
(03027-0741BU 11).
Measures of 1947.60 and 1947.84 made by triangulation of multiple Der9999
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Der9999 Po ...................
Der9999 Unpublished, manuscript or reference not found.
Sca2015c orb Scardia, M., Prieur, J.-L., Pansecchi, L., Argyle, R.W., & Zanutta, A. 2015IAUDS.186....1S
Sca2015c Inf. Circ. 186, 2015
discov author
DUN Dunlop, J.