WDS 08554+7048 STF1280BC : NOTES
discov_num notes refcode
STF1280 AB: LDS1684. Mt. Wilson spectral types M0, M0. Proper motion of
A -1334 -362, B -1364 -407. C -008-020
H N 144. Bu_1906
refcode metd author reference
Bu_1906 Ma Burnham, S.W. 1906QB821.B972.....
Bu_1906 +M Burnham Double Star Cat., 1906 (dates converted from Besselian to Julian epoch)
discov author
STF (F. Struve DD - Appendix list #1)
STF (F. Struve DD - Appendix list #2)
STF Struve, F.G.W.